Solana Buddys is the First Project on the Solana Blockchain to use Mint Profit Sharing.

Project release 10,000 NFTs for all over the world Buddys to connect with the Solana Buddys community.

A welcome reward of 25% divided for all SOLB NFT Mint users & additional 10% for 10+ Mint users,

After the 10K minting is complete. Profit Sharing will deliver to your minted SOL coin wallet.

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Q1. What exactly is SOLB?

A. Solana Buddys is Community NFT Project & Unique Digital Collectables Living on Solana Blockchain.

Q2. What does 25% share mean?

A. Project Minted total profit of 25% will share by all Mint users, and at the end of 10K Minting is complete.

Q3. How can I receive an extra 10%?

A. Mint SOLB NFTs more than 10, you will get an extra 10%.

Q4: What if I have 20 NFTs?

A. You will get 25% for each NFT as a normal sharing process & 10% x 2 additional you will receive in your mint wallet address after 10K Mint is complete.

Q5. Can I resell my SOLB NFTs?

A. Yes! on SOLB floor price or as you wish $ (SOL) you can sell & get a resale profit. If you like to get future SOLB benefits, you need to keep at least one SOLB NFT.

Q6. Will I receive a 25% and 10% profit share after reselling?

A. Only SOLB NFT Mint users will get a one-time Project Profit Share end of 10K Minting. You can get as much profit on Resale your NFTs.

Q7. How long will it take for my NFT to appear on Opensea?

A. Once verified, NFT will be instantly imported into the Opensea Solana Buddys NFT Collection. NFTs are gradually appearing in the Opensea because of the high Solana Network Latency.

Q8. What is Minted Verification?

A. We have a Project Profit Sharing End of 10K mint & we are continuously updating our record to share a profit with all our Solana Buddys NFT mint users as mentioned.

Q9. How can I get future SOLB project Offers?

A. Follow us on our social media.

Partners and Investors are Needed.

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